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Scheduling Routine Kitchen Repairs and Maintenance

The maintenance of an industrial kitchen is a technical operation that involves all the components and machinery of said kitchen equipment. Commercial Kitchen Repair Atlanta is designed to preserve each piece of equipment, helping to preserve the kitchen and, consequently, the business. To make the most of a renovation investment, it is important that the efficiency of this equipment is at 100% (and stays close to that number). Industrial kitchen maintenance ensures that kitchen equipment lasts as long as humanly possible, thereby saving the restaurant owner from breakdowns that are more expensive to fix and may interfere with daily operation by affecting productivity.

Preventive maintenance is economical and does not require equipment to be out of order for long. Preventive maintenance consists of:

Adjusting all equipment to ensure it works perfectly.

“Greasing” is another huge tip to never ignore. This task is probably the simplest, although depending on the size of the equipment, maintenance can be delayed. The professional performing commercial kitchen repair in Alpharetta will lubricate every hinge, wheel, chain and gear inside the equipment. This ensures that each piece operates optimally and decreases the of equipment failure.

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Leveling involves the filling of fluids like antifreeze and oils.

Cleaning is important because it removes stains and calcium or food accumulations that can be generated by any kitchen equipment. Not doing so can significantly alter the way food smells, appears, and tastes whether it is cooked or stored in the freezer. A kitchen must guarantee daily that this type of issue never happens. Also, keep in mind that this maintenance is done when the equipment is running, so it does not interfere with your employees, and saves on energy consumption. Remember that properly working kitchen equipment tends to never consume massive amounts of energy or time.


Not having a good preventive maintenance plan is a huge mistake. It is an irresponsible act that puts at risk the life of the people who work in an industrial kitchen. Business owners and managers should schedule routine kitchen maintenance twice a year, more if necessary. To guarantee that your restaurant is working properly, schedule your routine maintenance today.

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